Hey you,

I'm Kadi Yao Tay

and I speak digital cool.

What that means? You tell me. But here’s what I’m into: comics, animation, digital marketing, sci-fi/fantasy literature, digital art, niche geek events, adventure and everything awesome!

Check out all the projects I'm involved with.

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Squid Magazine

Online publication covering Africa’s emerging geek scene from comic books, to esports to animation and more.

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aaffia mascot and logo


Accra Animation Film Festival is a celebration of animation from Africa and the rest of the world!

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noanyi word mark logo


Live Where You Love, Noanyi is a real estate blog targeted at Ghanaian millenials and Gen Z housing enthusiasts.

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Travels Ghana

A community of travel junkies exploring and documenting Ghana before the aliens abduct everyone.

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Online furniture and décor store in Accra retailing items for Ghana's leading furniture stores and brands.

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Online publication of fantasy, sci-fi and horror fiction (including comics)t from Africa and especially Ghana.

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Animation Africa

A platform dedicated to animation projects emerging from Africa.

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Ctrl + Alt + Cool

A pop-culture magazine serving what's hot in Accra and the people cooking it up!

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BTF Anthology

By The Fireside is an anthology of comics from Ghanaian creators both home and in the diaspora.

toli studios logo

Toli Studios

Toli is a comics and animation studio in Accra, crafting the next generation of amazing Ghanaian stories.

ypki young people killing it magazine


Young People Killing It, YPKI is an online magazine celebrating Ghanaian youth culture, and the people making it pop off!

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